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Welcome to Judit Travels!

This blog is about stunning places, culture differences, and self-transformation, all the amazing things I experience while I’m traveling around the world.

I was tired of doing the same things, waiting for the weekends and dreaming about countries I would like to go, people I would like to meet, and things I would like to try.

Two years ago I got on the place, and so far it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

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24 hours in China

I spent one whole day in China! As to get to Europe from New Zealand was a bit tricky, I had some hours between flights in Guangzhou, I though If life takes me there anyways, then I could have a bit more time and spend some time in the city, instead of spending some...

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With a campervan in New Zealand

I always wanted to try this form of traveling. Living in a camper van. Finally, we did it! Is it a real thing, that people ride campervans around New Zealand? Hell yeah! You would be surprised how commonly is. Now it's quite a low season, but still, tons of vans are...

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When you’re traveling for a year

Last year on 13th April we headed to the San Francisco airport to catch our flight to Bangkok at 1 am. For Grant, it was the first time to leave the USA, since then we traveled to 17 countries together. I collected some questions that you were interested in, based on...

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Tokyo Neighborhood Guide – Part 2.

In real time we already left Japan, but I’m still under its impression. Let’s continue the guide about the neighborhoods, then later I can write you about my favorite topic: food. 4. Roppongi If you prefer more lively places, come to Roppongi. You can meet here a lot...

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Tokyo Neighborhood Guide – Part 1.

You can ask me which areas are the best to go in Tokyo, I would immediately tell at least 5 of them. As I mentioned in the last post Tokyo doesn't have an actual center, every neighborhood has its own characteristic. Let's see what are those, illustrated with some...

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10 surprising things in Tokyo

10When you start to talk about Japan, you're afraid that you can't finish it, it's just too much to talk about it. We are here for 3 weeks now, and already on the first three days we experienced so much, that it's hard to tell all of them. I got what I asked for:...

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