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Welcome to Judit Travels!

This blog is about stunning places, culture differences, and self-transformation, all the amazing things I experience while I’m traveling around the world.

I was tired of doing the same things, waiting for the weekends and dreaming about countries I would like to go, people I would like to meet, and things I would like to try.

Two years ago I got on the place, and so far it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

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When You’re Traveling Alone

You could already read some tips for preparing to travel somewhere. I also wrote some suggestions to make your trip more safe, and about packing. Maybe You felt it wasn't enough, and I totally agree with You! Even that you have maybe the flight ticket, it's hard to...

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21 Days Challenge

Do you have sometimes the feeling that You're not satisfied with yourself? You had plans, but they are not going well? You have a hobby but you barely do it? You're time is running away, you were just snipping your morning coffee, and then you notice, it's 11 pm, and...

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Life without gluten and diary

I guess it's hugely my fault, that i needed 27 years to finally test myself for food allergies. I felt before that something is not kosher, but i had the feeling is the wheat causing problems. Now I can tell, i have a primary lactose allergy and based on this a gluten...

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How to travel alone? 2.

When you already know where you're going and when, then you have some stuff to do. What are you interested in? You've heard that the Eiffel tower is a must, but you would like to see the Notre Dame as well. So the question is, what are the local attractions, and what...

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How to travel alone? 1.

Traveling alone is dangerous, boring, scary...etc. We heard all this opinions. But the reality is not even close, and please, let me prove you! There are situations in life, when it comes that we don't have anyone to travel with. You're not in a relationship, you're...

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It’s tea time!

Soon it's going to be one month that we live the English life. Of course not literally, but we enjoy definitely the unique weather and british food. I don't say, that the grey, rainy days make me too happy, but there is an eternal truth, that we can feel happy...

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There are situations when a car would be handy to take you home. You are abroad without a car, or you don't even have a car, it's night and you don't want to take the risk using the public transport. Of course there are the taxi companies, but they charge you with a...

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Eurotrip I.

Go to a Eurotrip with car? Yes! We gave 1 month for this "project", without actually planning too much. We had several days without knowing where we gonna spend the night, it's quiet exciting that way. We headed to the north of Italy, first stop was in... Jesolo...

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