Soon it’s going to be one month that we live the English life. Of course not literally, but we enjoy definitely the unique weather and british food. I don’t say, that the grey, rainy days make me too happy, but there is an eternal truth, that we can feel happy anywhere. (I don’t talk about tough situation like war, extreme poverty). So let’s forget about the rain, and check out my reasons why I like it here.

10 reasons why I like the UK

  1. Fish and Chips: No one makes it better than these guys, buttery, soft white fish, perfect french fies, and the extra:  tartare, and peas.

  2. Music scene: In one week, we went to two concerts. In Manchester we saw My Morning Jacket, in Liverpool we succeeded to see Tame Impala in live. Click on their name to check out one of their song!

  3. Everybody speaks English: If you’re traveling with an american you would appreciate that too. He likes it, especially after Thailand, because you know what’s the situation there.

  4. Primark: Maybe men don’t get this, but women you understand me, i hope. In this store you can find literally everything, even the things you never imagined, and yes, the price is also pretty good. I don’t say i buy all of my things from there, but socks, some shirts definitely jump into my basket while I’m shopping.

  5. Because It’s beautiful:  Yes, definitely, even we didn’t see everything yet. London has a special charm, but now as I’m first visiting Scotland, Oh, Man! It’s just so gorgeous! I feel like in an old movie when I’m walking on these old streets, staring at the buildings, the castles. Let’s not talk about the scottish accent, sometimes it’s really disturbing, that i don’t understand every word they say.

  6. Alcohol: Young Fellows, one day you will understand me! I love cider, and i’m not the only one. Almost every day we try a new one. One thing is important, it needs to be dry! And there are the beers, and in Scotland, the scotch.

  7. Gluten Free food: If you don’t have sensitivity, you don’t understand, but I’m pretty grateful for all these options, like gluten free pizza, bread, pancakes. Especially when they are that delicious.

  8. Pub: I already mentioned the alcohol, but this scenario gives some extra. It matters where you’re having that pint of pale ale. 

  9. Flat White: Type of coffee originated from Australia and New Zealand, the espresso is dominant, but they put some steamed milk on the top. It’s smaller than a cappuccino or latte. We tried first time in Amsterdam, but in the UK you can find it almost everywhere. Give a try! 🙂

  10. British Accent: Cheers Mate! Sometimes it’s charming, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying. Everyday is different.

There are some negative sides on the UK. Like you rent a car and then you need to drive on the left side just like everybody, of course sometimes you could hear this: “Shit, you’re driving on the right side!”, “Do you have any idea, which way to go?”. When the light changes to green and you’re not leaving in 2 sec, for sure they gonna honk like crazy, and then you better wake up. In the end we reached Manchester and also got rid of the car pretty fast. Since than we take the train.

In case you would like to cross the road, you definitely need to turn your head both ways, because automatically you check into the other direction….Danger!

I miss the warm weather, i need to admit. But now all i have, my hot Earl Grey and the freshly cooked paprikas krumpli (hungarian dish).

See you soon!

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