8 Things You Didn’t Know About Australia

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Australia

Australia, a country far away with cool people who likes to surf, listening to good music, and write them…. kangaroos jumping through the road, and some animal called wombat is living there too. Opera house and some other interesting buildings in the city called Sydney, which is not the capital. Yes, so, that’s how I’ve seen Australia from Hungary.

It’s always different when you see something in real life. After Japan, it felt like some kind of cultural shock, especially Cairns, where our flight landed from Tokyo. They were questioning us, and examined our luggages, as they were suspicious about that the time we applied for the visa was just days before our flight, plus this extensive traveling didn’t seem right for them. So it does for us. By the way, on 13th April, we going to celebrate a 1 year travel anniversary, more or less with constant traveling together. Everything started at the San Francisco airport where we were waiting for our flight to Bangkok, first trip abroad together.


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