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Let’s talk about the ultra orthodox community a bit. I was really interested in this subject because i didn’t know too much about it.

My first impression was in Jerusalem. As it was super hot i was wearing short trouser and i got the name of “shiksa”, it means not Jewish woman, and it’s kind of an insult (bitch, you know). Religion, that’s it, you need to accept it!

Last time when i was there, i was a bit lost, so i asked some people to show me the way to the bus station. Usually they don’t speak English, or just a little, the children are covering their eyes…it’s quite difficult to make contact, especially with women if they give you the devil eye. ¬†Thanks God for having GPS at least.

The ultra orthodox Jewish are not going to the army, basically they are living from their religion. They give almost the 10% of Israel population and most of the people doesn’t recognize Israel as a real state of country.


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