Maybe you still remember that i mentioned we buy every grocery in Walmart. We just went to Wegmans. It’s also a supermarket but they have crazy amount of organic products, also a section just with gluten free food….therefore who knows me well, they can imagine that i felt that i’m in heaven that night, haha! My poor sister and her friend was watching the clock all the time, wondering when we’ll get home that night, as i was staring just the tea section for 30 minutes with jaw down :).

Let me invite you for a short Wegmans virtual tour.

Vegetables and fruits, everything is crazy organised and you can find organic products as well next to the normal ones. A whole line just for salads, lettuces.



In the bakery section they have their own kosher corner and also selected by grains.

And then let’s find the gluten free heaven with pastas, flours, cookies, cakes, and whatever you want. I can imagine some of your face now, you just scroll down until the end. Gluten free, is she crazy? Don’t worry, as i said it will be a mini tour!


And finally the tea section. All those designs, i was just staring for at least 15 minutes. You can find everything there, of course for a high price. You need to be careful, as with the fruits, vegetables. One pound is not one kilo, it doesn’t even reach the half kilo. So it happens sometimes that you realise that for 3 oranges you pay like 3 dollars….crap. The burger is cheaper than the vegetables and fruits…

Also another interesting fact, if you wanted to buy alcohol, and you’re in a group, every each of you need to show an ID to verify that everyone is over 21 ages. No exception! Don’t forget your ID or passport at home!  (citation from an alcoholic’s diary)


You see? I told you that it will be short!

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